Luxury fashion is about making someone feel utterly exclusive, and Couture is the ultimate in timeless, refined and luxurious dressing. The process is an indulgent experience of choice, thoughtful and honest advice, quality and craftsmanship, and the result a treasured piece that is a completely unique reflection of your personal style.

Your personal pattern is made from your measurements, and you will have toile fittings before your fabrics are cut. The calico toile is a unique opportunity to tweak the design, not only to fit and contour your body shape with complete perfection, but also to adjust the visual geometry of the garment to flatter you from every angle.

The entire process involves around six fittings, however, fewer or additional fittings may be required to ensure absolute perfection of fit and craftsmanship. All Lise Hérud couture garments are made to the highest standards by the most skilled and experienced tailors and seamstresses in London, and involve many hours of hand-stitching and intricate details.

For further information or to book a consultation please call 020 7100 4025 or send an email